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Secure Your Home with Roller Shutters

We all want to believe our home is safe when we're not there. If you have roller shutters on your Adelaide home, you can be a little more assured that your home is safe. You can go out for a week overseas, or just for a night out with a few friends, and rest easy knowing the shutters are helping to protect your home.

Doctor's clinics, pharmacies, and retail outlets install roller shutters to protect their businesses. Why shouldn't you have them on your home? Don't worry about them looking drab, or that it may make your home feel like it's on the wrong part of town. Our roller shutters are designed to blend into the style of your home.

When installed properly, roller shutters will make your home practically invincible. Unbelievable? Well, we've outlined the three ways roller shutters can protect your house from theft.

Roller Shutters Are a Preventative Step, Not a Reactive One

It's comforting to have an alarm system in your home. And, alarms do work. They alert you and the police that an intruder is trying to get in or is already in your home.

Roller shutters do one better because they prevent the break in. A thick aluminum shutter, over your windows and doors, is a good way to deter an unwanted intruder. They won't exert the effort to try to complete an impossible mission.

An alarm may be triggered after a break in, which means the thief has gotten past your exterior home defenses and has caused untold damage. Unfortunately, it may also mean that they had time to snack a few of your valuables. Roller shutters can help prevent damage to your home, or the loss of your possessions since there won't be an intrusion in the first place.

Don't Give the Thief a Motive

If you live on a busy road, you may see many people pass by every day. If you install your shutters, you can increase your privacy, while ensuring the people on your street can't see into your home.

Pedestrians may be able to see your large HD television through your window. That may be a temptation to a potential thief. Your state-of-the-art stereo system may be too much for a criminal to resist if they're looking for some fast cash.

You don't want to give a thief a reason to break in. If you have roller shutters, you can keep your possessions private.

If you have your roller shades down, a potential thief won't be able to see whether or not someone is home. They won't know when your house is empty. No robber is going to try to intrude on a family while they're eating dinner.

If you keep your shutters down, you reduce the chance of a thief entering your house, because they don't want to get caught in the act. That means you're protecting your possession and your loved ones.

Put a Physical Barrier Between You and an Intruder

It only takes a brick through the window to gain access to someone's house. Glass windows and doors are a temptation for a would-be intruder. They're the weak links in your home security system. They're also the main point of entry for most thieves.

So, how do you shore up your defenses against this major vulnerability? Use roller shutters, of course. A robber will see a roller shutter as an impenetrable barrier, which will make them throw in the towel. Here is a list of the reasons why our roller shutters can make your house invincible.

- They're built on a long-lasting, sturdy steel frame that can be locked
- They have strategically placed polyethylene plugs that secure the frame
- They are made from some of the thickest aluminium on the market
- There is foam embedded around the guide rails that prevent sideways movement, so they can't be forced open
- They are fitted with an automatic locking feature

These features will deter a potential thief who may be tempted to make your home, family, and possessions their next target.

Roller Shutters Protect Everyone

Do you want the peace of mind that comes when you know that everyone and everything in your home are safe and protected? Then look no further than roller shutters. They are designed to make it easy for you to place a formidable barrier between the inside of your home and an intruder.

Roller shades can provide you with added security against theft. Now it's time for you to start planning your next holiday far away or your next night out.