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Frequently Asked Questions

Roller shutters are able to roll out on demand time and again. They are strong yet flexible because they are made from baked enamel paint on high grade aluminum and insulated with high-density polyurethane. The enamel prevents fading and keeps the color fresh. The insulation blocks 90 percent of the heat while being able to withstand high winds.

Slats are locked together to make a durable but strong product.

Where Are Roller Shutters Made?

Many companies around the world manufacture roller shutters, including in Australia. It turns out that many companies make roller shutters in Australia. This is great news for consumers who want to get the highest quality and most competitively priced roller shutters that are available on the continent. Keep it local to find a more intimate experience, or go with a national brand known for its franchise.

Of course, one of the main aspects of buying these shutters is also having access to a professional installation. Go with Australian manufactured shutters to get the best quality and the best installation.

Choose quality, custom made shutters for all doors and windows. Go with a well-known and long-established manufacturer and installation service to ensure a product that will work right for years to come.

Where Are Roller Shutters Used?

Fortunately this style of shutter is versatile and will work in nearly any home. They provide security and good fire protection even.

Are They Easy To Clean?

Remember they are sturdy and made out of a solid material. Yet, they are actually very low maintenance. The enamel paint keeps the finish in place.

Is It Easy To Manage Sunlight Entering The Home?

These shutters are ideal when compared to the alternatives that are available on the market. The best part is that you can access all the sunlight that windows and doors provide with these shutters. Manage and control the degree of sunlight that's allowed into a space. Decide on how much or how little wind to allow into the space. The great part about these shutters is that they let the user maintain privacy as well.

What Are The Colour And Styles That Are Available?

As it turns out, these shutters are very versatile, and come in many colours and styles. Make sure that the shutters that you choose complement the home's decor. A good roller shutter dealer and manufacturer will have a wide selection of styles and hues available for customers.

Do They Have Easy To Operate Shutters?

The remote control works using solar power, battery, or with a motor. In most cases, the remote control is available on most models. It makes opening and closing the shutters daily easy, not a chore. It is easy to open and close them quickly as well. One remote is able to operate many shutters. They are easy to hide and will not take up a lot of space either. Go with a battery operated model that does not require installation. Otherwise, the motor may require a constant pull on electricity, which will cost money.

How Do Solar Powered Shutters Operate?

Solar cells that come wtih the system collect the energy from the sun. The solar power can operate the shutter, which will be on the wall near the shutters. They can be installed on the roof to collect the sun's energy as well. It is an out of sight and out of mind option that is not in the way. There are stand-alone systems that are easy to install and require no costly electrician.

There are several great reasons to have solar powered shutters. For one, in remote areas where electricity is harder to come by, it's a great time to go solar. In addition, in bushfire zones, the shutters can still be operated even if there is no electricity. It acts as a protective barrier against burning material and sparks.

How Do You Use Roller Shutters?

The roller shutters are unique in that they are installed outside the home, on its exterior. They can be installed on doors and windows. Yet, they are worked from within the home via a hand-operated winder or strap or via a battery or electronic motor. Either of the battery or motor operated shutters can be worked by way of a remote control.

Tips To Reduce Energy Costs Using Rollers?

Many households install these shutters as a way to control heat gain and heat loss, depending on the time of the year and the temperatures outside. The shades in short cut down on energy costs by creating a barrier between the outside and interior of the home.

While they are crafted from a high-quality aluminum, they would normally typically conduct hot or cold air from the exterior to the interior of the home. Yet, the rollers are insulated. In addition, having a barrier between the exterior and interior of the home blocks the exchange of air from the home into the outside environment. In other words, the shades are insulating in their work.