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Become Energy Efficient with Roller Shutters

A lot of people are worried about the cost of electricity and the use of other energy sources. As the cost of living is increasing it seems that it is easier to have a large energy bill at the end of the month.

However, there are ways that you can improve your energy will and having roller window shutters is one of them. Information from the Australian Bureau of Statistics has shown some good results that will make your wallet happy.

According to the ABS, Australians use 25% more electricity and 22% more gas than they were 10 years ago. At the same time, the cost of electricity has also been on the rise. In fact, according to the information in the 5 years before the June quarter of 2012 electricity costs rose by 72% at the same time as other household energy sources rose in price by 42%. This is a major increase that will be affecting your bills.

The sun is a source of short-wave solar radiation and this will penetrate your normal window glass easily. This radiation is absorbed by the surfaces in the house and then emitted as heat waves. These heat waves are then absorbed by the window glazing or reflected back into the house which creates a heat trap.

On average, $32 is spent per week on gas, electricity and the heating of word and oil which is $5 more than the same time in 2003. All of this will add up to approximately $1664 spent per year and this is just an average. It is possible that your bill is much higher depending on your needs. However, before you go around the house looking for all the lights and appliances you can turn off you should consider that roller shutters can save up to 33% of the energy use in your home.

During the hot summer months, it is likely that the air conditioning is turned on and this will cause a large energy bill. However, roller shutters are able to block the light and heat which can make your summer a lot more bearable. While the shutter will make the room dark, when it is not in use there is no reason why you can't roll the shutter down and keep the room cooler. You will also be able to reduce the amount of energy your air conditioner is using.

Many roller shutters have a special foam insulation. This insulation will be found in the slats and helps you to use less power when heating and cooling your home. This will lead to a reduction in your energy bills, as well as securing your home.

Harnessing The Light

Roller shutters allow you to control the amount of light that enters the room with a flick of a switch. Having perforated hole systems allows you to determine the level of light in the room. This is ideal for anyone who works the night shift or for people who enjoy a little nap in the day.

The Insulation Qualities

Each slat of the roller shutters you get could be injected with polyurethane. This is a type of foam insulation that will be the key to keeping your home warm or cool. When the shutters are closed you will also be able to keep out the noise from outside along with the cold and the heat.

When thinking about the winter months, your shutters will also help you lower your energy bills. When you have the heat going the shutters will have a similar effect as they do in the summer. The heat will be kept in the house while the cold is kept outside.

Solar Powered Roller Shutters

If you are looking for shutters that are effective as well as energy efficient then you should consider solar powered roller shutters. These shutters will use solar power to generate their movement and will be separate from your electricity mains. The shutters will generally have a battery that is charged by the solar power that the panels are able to generate. One panel is generally enough to power the shutters, but if the shutters are in an area that does not get much sun then an additional panel will be needed.

While solar powered shutters will be the gold standard for energy efficient shutters, the standard roller will also be able to lower your energy bills. Through the insulation in them, they are able to stop your home heating or cooling too much.