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Protect Your Home with Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are very important as they can protect your home from elements. You can enjoy the benefits they offer by installing them on your windows. Below are some ways in which roller shutters can protect your home from Mother Nature including very strong winds, dust, heat or cold.

Sun protection

Most people cover their windows with blinds and curtains thinking that it will prevent heat from escaping in winter and prevent heat from coming into the house during summer. However, this is not a good solution to the problem as windows usually get hot and transmit the heat to blinds or curtains.

Once the blinds or curtains become hot, they will pass the heat to your house. Foam filled roller shutters can help you prevent heat from coming in and prevent it from escaping from your house. In fact, they stop 70% of the heat from coming into your house when it is hot and 60% of heat from escaping during winter. The foam is made of Polyurethane.

We use purely Australian roller shutters and we do not trick our customers that our shutters are made from Australia but install China made shutters. Other companies do this, but we don't because we believe in providing quality services.

The best thing about installing shutters is that the sun will hit the roller shutter instead of the window glass. Even though the shutter will be heated, it will transfer very less amount of heat to the window because of the gap between the window and the roller shutter which allows air to circulate.

Since the window glass does not get heated up, the house will never become very hot. This will help you save on energy bills.


One of the main reasons people get roller shutters is to deter intruders and secure the home from burglary.

Weather protection

Roller shutters can help protect your doors and windows against weather conditions such as hail. All you need to do during bad weather is to close your shutters. With roller shutters, you can relax knowing that things like debris and branches that can break glass are deflected by the shutters.

Another good thing about these shutters is that they do not rattle during high winds. As we said earlier the shutters can ensure that the house is warm during summer and prevent hot air from coming into the house during the hot Australian summer.

Since they are injected with polyurethane, the shutters offer a thick wall of insulation. If you want to control the temperature of your house or business, just install roller shutters. Apart from regulating the temperatures, the shutters will also help you save money as you will not have to buy costly heating alternatives.

Our roller shutters will protect your home or commercial building from rain, severe storms, and hail. Roller R Us security shutters will protect your house from extreme damage that comes with bad weather. Did you know that the shutters can withstand winds of 100 kilometers per hour or more?

If you did not know, then it is good that you found this article. Ensure that the roller shutters are installed to high standards of quality so that they can serve their purpose.

Energy saving

Since energy is becoming more and more expensive, it is important that you start thinking about energy saving. Did you know that 70 percent of your heat and 46 percent of your air conditioning escapes from your home through the doors and windows? Yes of course!

However, this is the case only when the windows are in good working condition! To reduce the amount of heat leaving your home, install roller shutters and save energy. According to industry standards, shutters can reduce power consumption by as much as 64% annually.

You can control the roller shutters manually with a switch and remote control. Roller shutters will help you in summer as you are able to keep the heat out and ensure your house is cool. It is easier to control rising heat without overloading air conditioning units.

Noise reduction

Roller shutters will help reduce the noise coming from places such as a busy main road, or the airport if you live near one. Shutters have the ability to reduce the noise by up to 50% and help you enjoy a quiet environment.