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High Quality Roller Shutters in Adelaide

Blocks Outside Noise

You won't need to worry about parties late and night or noisy street traffic interrupting your sleep or peace of mind. Roller Shutters can help to reduce your noise levels up to 50 percent. We provide properly insulated shutters that have been designed to make sure that noise from the outdoors does not make it into your home.

Secures Your Home

External Roller shutters are a very effective physical deterrent against home intrusion and make an excellent visual as well. Our automatic locking system will always keep your belongings and loved ones safe and secure. You also pay lower insurance premiums in addition to the extra protection.

Harnesses The Light

Just flick a switch to regulate how much light you want in a certain room throughout the day. When our perforated hole system is used, you can control how much light enters the room. It is a very handy feature for people who work the night shift or love taking daytime naps.

Provides Complete Privacy

Feel safe and comfortable inside your house with the extra privacy that shutters provide you with. Our E-Series controllers allow you to have total privacy by just pushing one button. Also, our perforation holes enable you to keep enjoying light coming into your home while the interior of your home is still not in view for outsiders.

Protects from Elements

Shutters can protect your property from fire exposure, strong winds and storms. Our shutters undergo rigorous testing within harsh Australian conditions. In addition they are also able to withstand strong winds, heavy rain and hail and keep your windows protected from wind pressure and debris that is flying around. Your and your loved ones will feel very safe.

Saves Electricity

Most heat and cold in your home actually enters in through your windows. When you use the shutters with specialised foam injected slats, they insulate your house and you using less energy for heating and cooling your house all year around, which helps you save money from having lower power bills. Giving you an added bonus.

Aussie made, Security Enhanced and Fire-tested by the CSIRO

Our core business is installing window fixturesĀ and our installation team has more than a decade worth of experience. The shutters we offer and install are all made in Australia in order to suit the country's conditions.

Our Adelaide Roller shutters provide your home with an added layer of protection. They can block harsh sun rays out, provide security against intruders while you are away, and offer protection from storms. It is very easy to operate our roller shutters and they come in various designer colours. To receive a free quote or to get any questions answered, please contact us.

Grey Shutter

Strong Aluminium Exterior

Two of the major reasons to install roller shutters are security and protection. Our panels are constructed with high grade, dual-skinned aluminum to guarantee that your home has the best possible security. Due to their tough exteriors, our shutters provide resilience against weather, heat and intruders.

Insulating Qualities

Polyurethane is injected into each individual slat. The secret behind all of our products insulation qualities is the foam injection. Once our shutters have been closed they provide your home with insulation all year round from outside noise, cold and heat.


Push Button Technology

Our own E-Series technology provides you with the affordability offered by manual shutters combined with the convenience gained from push-button operation. The E-series controllers also help you reduce the amount of power you use all year around.

Range of Colours

A high quality paint is used to coat all of our aluminum shutters. This coating is resistant to fading and scratches. They are available in a broad range of colours that can be combined to fit your home's style in addition to other fittings.

Different Colour

Electric Vs Manual Operation

Electric roller shutters are equipped with a small motor that opens or closes the shutter with one push of a button. This motor can either be wired into your electricity supply or connected to solar power, in provide energy efficiency. Somewhere inside your house a panel is mounted or a small remote control is utilized for operating the electric roller shutters. The major benefit offered by electric roller shutters is convenience. Just push the button and you can open or close them the way you want no matter where they are located. Sensors can also fitted to lower or raise the shutters automatically according to the time of day or what the weather conditions are like outside. Electronic shutters have low maintenance requirements as long as quality components are used.

With manual shutter you open or close them on your own by using a mechanism like a winder. The reason why manual rollers are so popular is due to them being very affordable to install. Usually manual shutters are fitted to both doors and windows and the winder or crank is located on the inside of the door or window for easy access. When it comes to manual roller shutters, the one thing you will need to consider is each day you will need to go around to all of your doors and windows and physically wind your shutters to level of openness that you desire.

Quotations and Pricing

Given that your windows will most likely have different dimensions and may not come in standard shapes and sizes, all of our window roller shutters are cut and made to appropriate size.

Our pricing process includes us coming out to your home, taking all of the appropriate measurement, and then providing you with a quote on the spot. This is a no-obligation and free quote for roller shutters Adelaide. We also bring samples of shutters we install to give you the opportunity to feel and experience the quality of our panels for yourself.

Highly experienced tradesmen will complete your installation.

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